Essential Health Screening is now FREE at The Woodland Clinic

Struggling with your current health?

Whether it relates to weight, or the pandemic that is Metabolic disease (heart attack & stroke, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, sarcopenia, fatty liver disease, sleep apnoea etc, etc!)

We are here to help you take responsibility for your health with expert guidance and support.

Individual sessions are tailored to your current needs.

An online questionnaire is sent prior to your appointment which is used to record your diet & activity (honesty is essential!). Details of current & past medical problems are documented as are medicines and supplement taken regularly.

A brief review will record your weight, height, BMI & waist measurement Body composition is documented using Electrical Impedance Scales.
Blood pressure, pulse rate & blood oxygen saturation are measured at rest.

Grip strength

An important measurement that helps exclude Sarcopenia (poorly functioning muscles associated with aging) An age-appropriate level amazingly reduces the risk of developing Dementia, Diabetes & Heart failure!

Chair Stand Test

A poor result identifies an increased risk of falling.

Walking Speed

A test that identifies an increased risk of developing poor cognition (an early sign of possible dementia)

A written report with sensible advice will be produced and emailed within two days.

“Know your numbers”

Levels that you should know you may need your doctors help with some.

1. Blood pressure (Ideal below 120/80 for all)
2. Fasting blood sugar (Ideal below 5.40 mm /l) Maintain a healthy weight (throughout life)
3. BMI (18.50-24.99)
4. Waist measurement (<80cms for females: <94cms for males) (Racial variation*)
5. Lipid levels (Learn about cholesterol-years) Cardiovascular disease starts for most in adolescence so identification
of those with increased genetic risk is vital, as for them healthy living isn’t enough!

The Woodland Clinic is here to help!


Lifestyle Factors

  1. Never smoke.
  2. No alcohol (rumours that it is good for hearts, is drowned out by the increased cancer & dementia risk)
  3. A diet that is nutrient & plant rich. Most evidence supports a Mediterranean type of diet, but not too much nor too often!
  4. Movement is miraculous for health but again not too little nor surprisingly too much.
  5. Sleeping well.
  6. Relax! (doesn’t matter how you do it!!!) essential, but not easy!

If you find the sessions of value consider a donation to: – The Penguin Sports Foundation A soon to be registered charity providing specialist activity for local Children with Disability.