BSc. MSc Professional Member BASES

Sports Physiologist. Strength & Endurance Coach

Ben holds a Master’s degree in Sport and Health Science, specialising in endurance physiology. He has conducted physiological testing on a wide range of athletes at all levels, including England vested athletes and those that have represented GB at international competitions. In addition to his background in sports and health physiology, Ben’s coaching experience spans over 25 years from when he started out as a junior gymnastics coach under Paul Hall, lead coach to Louis Smith. Over the years Ben has built a reputation as a highly regarded endurance and ultra-running coach, and as a ‘go to’ endurance physiologist in the South West. Having coached and mentored through a variety of sports and in the business management environment, he regularly presents at England Athletics seminars, workshops and conferences, on the subjects of; endurance performance, physiology, strength & conditioning, and running mechanics. As a dedicated athlete-centred coach, Ben works with a wide range of athletes and clients both in the UK and overseas. Ben’s track record of improving athletes in their performance speaks for itself and he comes highly recommended for all aspects of athlete development and injury rehabilitation.

“I was introduced to Ben through a mutual friend to undergo a lactate threshold test, as I wanted to assess my level of fitness and learn about training clever through heart rate, pace, and intelligent programming. Ben was the person a number of people suggested. I completed the VO2 and lactate profile with Ben and we used the data gathered and specific sessions to bring my levels of fitness and running pace up. Following this I started weekly track sessions with Ben.
In just a few months these sessions along with Ben’s guidance, constant performance analysis and general encouragement have knocked minutes off my 5km, 10km and half marathon times. This has resulted in bringing my overall triathlon race times down to be able to compete at a standard I wouldn’t have thought possible 2 years ago.
I have taken Ben’s positive philosophy into the other areas of my training and the results speak for themselves. Although the sessions are hard work I have constantly finished all of them with a smile along with everyone else….
I believe Ben’s ability to keep that feeling of enjoyment and inclusion brings the best out in myself and all his other athletes.”

Simon Beeby

“Ben is knowledgeable, friendly and was able to tailor the test to my individual needs.
Highly recommended.”

Ryan Snell – 2:32:13 London Marathon, 2017