Natalie is a state registered dietician offering a dietary advice service with a registered Dietitian. she applies evidence-based knowledge to assess your nutritional status, control symptoms and improve well-being.

North Devon Nutrition takes a holistic approach in delivering a broad range of Dietitian and nutritionist services that include the treatment of illnesses, and support for businesses, institutions, teams and individuals.


Private Consultations
Natalie offers private consultations.  These provide sufficient time for you to properly discuss your health concerns and your personal life objectives.

Menu Analysis
For Cafés and Restaurants, the menu can be a key factor in influencing the guest’s first impression.  Detailed nutritional information sets expectations.  If you are catering for particular clients, menu analysis allows a structured menu to be created satisfying client needs and nutritional goals.

Sports Nutrition
The correct diet for your sport can provide the food to fuel your exercise and help you achieve your training objective.  Your goal maybe to improve performance and your personal best, or to start you in a new training regime.  Speak to Natalie to see how she can help you.

Wellbeing in the workplace delivers obvious benefits to organisations.  Natalie can develop and deliver nutrition led wellbeing programmes and corporate nutrition policies tailored to your requirements.