Hydrotherapy / Physiotherapy

The Woodland Clinic Endless Pool provides high quality evidence-based care featuring diagnosis & management of all types of musculoskeletal problems.

Sport demands complex movements to perform at any level, understanding these demands & how injuries can lead to dysfunction, ultimately affecting performance is a fundamental part of our service.

The Elite Endless Pool provides state of the art rehabilitation & much more. Water exercise improves virtually all aspects of health including Cardiorespiratory fitness in a warm safe environment.
Musculoskeletal problems originating from the spine or peripheral joints can be improved by rehabilitation in water with a reduction in pain & joint swelling.
Increased flexibility & muscle strengthening aids neurological conditions including stroke recovery & dramatically shortens the time to recovery following joint replacement.
The underwater treadmill is ideal for improving gait, balance & confidence in people with impaired mobility. A hoist is available for safe access to the water.

Water Exercise

The Elite Endless Pool with a swim current pace up to 55 seconds / 100 metres allows swimmers of all calibres to benefit by providing an ultra-smooth swim similar to open water as part of triathlon or endurance swimming training.