One to one Rehabilitation is with Ben Cox who has a master’s degree in Sports & Health Science specialising in Endurance Physiology.

Musculoskeletal strength is the absolute base foundation for physiological well-be-ing, whether for sporting performance or day-to-day mobility. It is widely reported that muscular strength can promote positive bone health and growth, especially in the twilight years when bone mineral density decreases. As our modern world becomes increasingly sedentary it is vital to ensure that we engage in activities that improve strength and mobility, preventing premature aging.

In a sport-related environment, it is important to ensure that the physiological make-up of the athlete is appropriately trained and prepared for the tasks demanded of it. Imbalances and weaknesses in strength and/or mobility in a particular area can lead to sports induced injuries which in some cases can have long lasting effects.

 Endurance enables an athlete to continue their sporting activity for a longer period, without fatigue, it is trainable in all situations and can be enhanced quite quickly given the right guidance.

One to one strength and endurance coaching sessions are tailored to the individ-ual’s specific requirements.

Ben has developed expertise in Stroke recovery as well as improving functional ac-tivity in neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.


The Woodland Clinic is closing down from July 2024.

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