You are never too old to assess your health

We were delighted to undertake an Advanced Health Assessment on someone who is currently our oldest client. A retired engineer in his early eighties who remains active & wished to see whether lifestyle changes would improve his health for as long as possible.

A full description of the assessment, with a short video, is available on the clinic website at or “Google” The Woodland Clinic, North Devon.

In view of his bilateral knee replacements the VO2 Peak (which was above average for his age) was measured using a Daum bicycle ergometer rather than the Woodway treadmill.

The report containing lifestyle (not medical) advice was emailed within 48 hrs then the next week a follow- appointment allowed relaxed discussion & clarification of outstanding queries.

The measurement of Cardiorespiratory fitness ( VO2 Peak) was identified by the American Heart Association as a vital clinical sign very rarely measured by health professionals. It has been identified as the best test of future health that should be measured as part of a health risk assessment.

A small improvement in the VO2 Peak of only 1 met (the amount of energy consumed at rest) reduces the risk of dying from any cause by 12%, the risk of death from heart disease by at least 16% & that from certain cancers by 14%

Low levels of Cardiorespiratory fitness carry the same risk as smoking & a greater risk of premature death than someone with established heart disease, diabetes or a raised blood pressure.

The Woodland Clinic is unique in North Devon in providing an accurately measured VO2 Peak. An annual health assessment is a tax-efficient method of ensuring that the entire workforce understands the incredible benefit of a healthy lifestyle, with the provision of an individualised program to ensure future health.

Full details are available from The Woodland Clinic, please email