Healthy Living at The Woodland Clinic

The current obesity and metabolic disease epidemics are for most us entirely avoidable but once acquired have a vanishingly low cure rate. Only 5% of dieters have sustained weight loss after five years

Published evidence reveals that 76% of the world’s population are overfat- overweight, obese, morbidly obese & normal weight obese (fat deposited around internal organs) and only around 14% have a normal healthy weight.

Obesity has increased in the UK by 92% in the past 30 years. Being overweight is associated with an increase in at least 13 types of Cancer & doubles the risk of Heart Disease. A normal waist circumference <80cms for women & <94cms for men reduces the risk of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 diabetes.

A healthy eating pattern typified by a colourful Mediterranean diet is associated with huge benefit with a reduction in cardiovascular, metabolic diseases as well as cancer, depression & dementia.

A healthful diet contains virtually no processed (energy dense but nutrient poor) food – should this be called FACTORY or INDUSTRIAL? as food companies do not prepare it with love & affection but add content such as artificial flavourings that make us crave a lot more.

Overall smaller portion size & avoiding snacks will help weight control. Liberal amounts of vegetables, the regular intake of wholegrains, (provides large quantities of fibre) milk products, fruit, nuts and eating at least two portions of oily fish weekly is ideal. The use of extra virgin olive oil appears to be beneficial.

A glass of water with all meals helps to reduce calorie intake.

Organic foods, unfortunately extremely expensive unless home-grown, will allow reduction in children’s consumption of pesticides and hormone disruptors. A radical reduction in sugary drinks is sensible for all children and adults with a weight or metabolic problem.

The current demonization of saturated fat can probably be relaxed a little, although the calorie content of “healthy fat” (nuts, avocado etc) does make weight control a bit more difficult.

Eggs, grass-fed white & red meat are probably best consumed in moderation with avoidance of processed meats. Organ meat (liver, kidney etc) contains huge amounts of vitamins & minerals and remains very affordable. Bone broth-based soups & casseroles are ideal “winter warmers”.

Alcohol has recently been shown to be without cardiovascular benefit even in low dose & may well induce early brain dysfunction. Three units / week increases the risk of female breast cancer by 15%. Again, the overall calorie content of alcoholic drinks (7 calories /gm) makes weight control more difficult.

Eight hours uninterrupted sleep is incredibly important for health

Avoid blue light & the use of devices at night

Relaxation (music, yoga) helps to reduce the trials of 21st Century living.

Tricks of the Trade to Encourage Fat Loss!

Fat utilisation is greatest at around 60-65% of maximum heart rate.
Moderate activity when fasted encourages fat burning. (Train with low Glycogen stores)
Glucose mouth rinse will help convince the brain that circulating energy stores are high.
Turning off your central heating allows your body to channel more energy
(fat) into temperature control.

Useful Websites

Body weight planner NIH
Super-tracker USDA

Trial Eating Pattern to Kick-Start Weight Loss using Time Restricted Feeding

(Not suitable for everyone, but very affective)

Before 08.00 Black coffee or tea on waking
Tea / Coffee or water only until 13.00 (Glucose mouth rinse if craving food)
Moderate aerobic activity walking, cycling or swimming for at least 30 minutes before lunch. Regular standing, walking & using the stairs if office bound.

a. Milk & Vegetable based smoothie with Oats (Steel-cut)
Rocket, Kale & Spinach with Natural Yoghurt (Beetroot,
Prunes or Dates to sweeten)
b. Whole grain cereals with fresh or frozen fruit & Yoghurt

Poultry, organ meat or occasional red meat, lots of
cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, legumes & mushrooms
Initially avoiding starchy root veg apart from cold boiled
potatoes (Resistant starch is not well digested)
Colourful side salad
Oily fish twice weekly (Tuna is not a great source of Omega 3 fats)
Fresh fruit desert with natural Yoghurt

Control of Blood Pressure without Tablets

1. Weight loss
2. A heart healthy diet such as the DASH or Mediterranean diet
3. Salt reduction – avoid in cooking (huge amounts in bread)
4. Increase Potassium obtained from fruit & vegetables
5. Physical Activity daily aerobic & three short strength exercises each
6. Alcohol abstinence