Health Matters – Light bites

Health Matters at The Woodland Clinic                                                        

“Light bites about health”

A series of Free Power-point illustrated talks relating to lifestyle from a retired Consultant Physician / GP with a professional passion & expertise regarding all aspects of health

Talks can be modified regarding length & complexity!! Suitable for small groups of friends, work colleagues, patient groups or businesses that care about their employee’s health. Up to ten people can be accommodated at the Woodland Clinic, otherwise happy to travel to a larger pre-arranged venue

  1. Obesity a deadly, incurable disease??
  2. Obesity who or what is to blame for the current Pandemic?
  3. Obesity & Pregnancy avoid at all costs!!
  4. Obesity & Cancer “getting younger everyday
  5. How to cure Type 2 Diabetes?
  6. The next public health disaster? – (you won’t have heard of it – YET!)
  7. Aging we can’t avoid it! but how to do it well
  8. “Compost for Kids” – How to grow a prize winner!
  9. Activity a Miracle Pill but can you overdose?
  10. Vo2 Peak What is it? the best test of future health”
  11. Diet wars! how to choose the best side for you
  12. Evolution & Health hunting & gathering etc


Dr Andrew Latham MB.BS. LLM. MRCP DMJ. Dip. Sports Med. (Retired)

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