The Woodland clinic has invested heavily in Infection control equipment as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Automatic “no-touch” hand sanitisers have been installed throughout the clinic in addition to automatic hot air hand dryers. The toilet area has been upgraded and lever taps have been installed throughout the clinic to simplify cleaning. All books, magazines & houseplants have been removed.

The Woodland Clinic Covid 19 Protocols

Do not attend if :

You have a temperature (your temperature will be checked on arrival)

You have developed a new cough

You have noted loss of taste or smell

If any of the above, you should request a test for Covid 19 & self-isolate.

Elite Endless Pool – Hydrotherapy

Single client only

  1. Enter clinic via reception room
  2. Temperature check & sanitise hands
  3. Hot shower with soap prior to entering the pool
  4. Hydrotherapy or Swim session in a well chlorinated pool
  5. Hot shower
  6. Exit via poolroom

Health Screening including Nutrition, Sports Science, Podiatry & Coaching/Rehabilitation

Single client only

Face masks will be worn when inside, by clients & staff

           All equipment will be cleaned thoroughly prior to use

  1. Enter clinic via reception room
  2. Hands sanitised
  3. Temperature check
  4. Gloves will be worn by staff if contact with bodily fluids otherwise hand washing / sanitising prior to consultation. Gloves will be worn when equipment that has been used is cleaned.
  5. Assessment / consultation performed
  6. Sanitise prior to exiting the clinic