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Advance Health Assessment at The Woodland Clinic

Advance Health Assessment

The Woodland Clinic is now offering probably the best screening test for future health; which is not available anywhere else in North Devon. Peak VO2 measurement involves being tested on a treadmill or a bicycle ergometer, wearing a facemask, which allows the continuous measurement of respired Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. Subjects are encouraged to exercise to their absolute maximum which usually takes around 15 minutes depending on one’s fitness. The American Heart Association recommendations: - 2016 “That every adult has a cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) evaluation” Evidence accumulated over the past thirty years has firmly established that low levels of CRF are associated with a high risk of heart attack & stroke, as well as the risk from certain cancers especially breast & colorectal. Although recognised as an important marker of health, it is currently the only major risk factor not routinely assessed in clinical practice.................................

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........CRF is as strong a predictor of premature death as smoking, raised blood pressure, high cholesterol & Type 2 Diabetes. A CRF below 5 mets is associated with a high risk of premature mortality. (1 met is approximately the amount of energy used at rest) A small increase of 1-2 mets is associated with between 10 & 30% reduction in the risk of heart attack & stroke CRF is the single best predictor of cardiovascular risk & premature death as it tests lung and heart function, the ability of the circulation to deliver oxygen to the muscles and their ability to function normally. Although influenced by one’s genetic make-up & age it is improvable in most individuals with huge health benefits. Higher levels of CRF are associated with improved outcomes for certain forms of cancer, surgical risk, dementia, depression, type two Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome Subjects with difficulty walking or unsteadiness are advised to be tested on the cycle ergometer.

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A proforma history & medication questionnaire should be completed prior to your appointment. No heavy exertion should be undertaken within 24 hrs of the test. No food to be consumed within three hours of the test. Please bring a urine sample for analysis. Procedure: Urinalysis; Height, weight & waist measurement; Body fat percentage measured using callipers; Grip strength measured using a Jamar dynamometer; Blood pressure recorded with examination of the heart, lungs & circulation; A resting ECG will be performed, plus spirometry testing of lung function A pulse monitor is worn during the test & a facemask fitted to allow continual gas analysis during the test using Metalyser Sport which is calibrated prior to the test. The CRF is measured using either a treadmill or a cycle ergometer with a gradually increasing workload until exhaustion following a four-minute gentle warm-up. Light comfortable clothing should be worn and trainers are recommended. Results are analysed at the time of testing with a preliminary discussion with the supervising Doctor regarding future lifestyle improvement. A written report with advice will be sent (usually by email) within two days of the test and recommendation for follow-up testing to monitor improvement where appropriate.

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“The Woodland Clinic is offering the best screening test for future health”