Speedwell Arboretum – Top Trees

Speedwell arboretum was created in Autumn 2016 with the idea of establishing a collection of unusual trees in a south-facing sloping paddock of approximately four acres. An orchard area contains twelve Mazzard Cherries, as well as Walnut, Greengage, Damson & Mulberry trees

The majority of trees were supplied by Nick Macer at Pan Global Plants a specialist nursery near Gloucester.

Gleditsia Caspica (Caspian Locust or Persian Honeylocust)

A species of Gleditsia native to the Caucasus region of Azerbaijan & Northern Iran.

It is a medium sized deciduous tree growing up to 12 metres, with a woody trunk covered by vicious spines up to 20 cms long!

The large pinnate leaves produce inconspicuous greenish racemes that give way to huge dark brown seed pods.