The Woodland Clinic Physiotherapy Clinic in North Devon

The Woodland Clinic

Resting in a Beautiful North Devon Woodland

Wildlife corridor

Speedwell Wildlife Corridor

The Woodland Clinic owns and manages a wildlife corridor of around ten acres adjacent to Venn. This rural jewel in an urban setting consists of a mature Oak and Ash woodland with an undergrowth of Spindle, Holly, Hazel & Blackthorn which in the spring is covered with Primroses, Bluebells & Campion. A wildflower meadow was seeded in 2012 on an open area where the spoil from the construction of a large freshwater pond had been spread. The pond is supplied by an adit from the old Bideford Black Pigment mines which has remained flowing for more than thirty years. Adjacent to the meadow is a large badger sett with over thirty entrances.

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Speedwell Arboretum

Speedwell Arboretum

An exciting recent project is the initial planting of a small arboretum featuring rare & unusual trees. The clinic has a strong environmental ethos being uniquely able to combine preservation of green belt land with a secondary use as a rehabilitation resource for previously injured athletes. The majority of the unusual trees were supplied by Nick Macer at

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Endless pool project

This facility will provide a valued aid to the local population following injury or during post operative rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy is a proven rehabilitation technique for lower back pain, knee injuries, joint replacements, upper-extremity injuries, and other ailments. The Endless Pool swim current can add resistance to a wide range of exercises. Underwater treadmills are ideal for gait training, balance enhancement, and maintaining running fitness when being rehabilitated with a lower limb injury. The Brownlee Brothers rebounded from injuries to earn historic triathlon victories in 2012 and 2016.

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